Education & Workforce

It's no secret that a talented workforce is a business' greatest advantage. Likewise, in Fishers, one of our greatest assets is the vibrant, educated talent pool...that gives you 49,000* more reasons to plug your business into Fishers.

With a population median age of 33 years old, the vast majority of Fishers residents are in the most productive years of their life. In addition, more than 66 percent of the population has a degree of some kind with 41.16 percent of people having a bachelors degree and 18.93 percent touting an advanced, graduate degree.
Not to be outdone by the lauded quality of life in our community, there are purposeful efforts to foster a high quality of work. As a regional magnet for today's talented workforce, locating your business in Fishers can help attract and retain top talent for your organization. 

Currently, Fishers has a labor force of 49,010 people with an unemployment rate of 3.2 percent. Of those in the workforce, 61 percent of people are classified as white collar employees. Further distribution of the jobs by occupation is represented below.